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Make your contacts feel truly valued. Building more personal relationships at scale, has never been easier.

Bulk SMS & MMS

Directly reach customers on their phones with highly personalized media messages or timely text communications, fostering immediate engagement.


Reaching broad demographics, create customized content that appeals to diverse audiences, enhancing engagement.

Bulk iMessaging

Equip your team to deliver highly personal messaging, perfect for nurturing ultra-personal relationships with high-value clients.

1 to 1 Chat

Significantly enhances personalized customer engagement, leading to faster resolutions, improved satisfaction, and increased conversion rates.

Web Chat

Engage site visitors, gain insights, and guide them to personalized one-to-one chats, boosting lead generation and engagement.

Push Notifications

For organizations with a mobile app, directly engage users, driving immediate attention and action for enhanced communication.

Addressing Your Pain Points
Foster personal connections with your contacts on a large scale while saving hours each week.
15 Minute Setup

Our users are consistently amazed by the simplicity of getting started.

Contact Uploading & Integrations

Upload contacts via CSV or seamlessly integrate with a database partner for automatic data updates (recommended).

Advanced Filtering

Craft customized messages and deliver them to your targeted audiences.

Create & Distribute Personalized Media

With a single click, generate and send personalized media to every member of a segment.

Automating & Scheduling

Leverage our Events Calendar to automate messaging campaigns, scheduling them dynamically around upcoming events.

Save Time - AI Powered Suggestions

Our OpenAI integration enables users to utilize Ace, your communication assistant, for both bulk and individual chat recommendations.

Manage 10DLC Compliance

Maintain your opt-out lists to ensure compliance with 10DLC regulations and achieve peace of mind.

Real-time Reporting

Utilize real-time analytics and reporting to monitor click-through rates via Bitly integration, measure conversions using Google Analytics, and check message delivery rates across various channels.

Unified Shared Inbox

Teams can collaboratively manage hundreds of conversations across channels simultaneously with ease.

STAKD For...

Tailored for your industry focus

Use Cases

Drive Engagement Through New Ideas

Engage customers, donors, and fans alike, enhancing touch points from events to daily communications for lasting impact.

Black Tie Gala

Elevate your nonprofit or university's Black Tie Gala experience. Seamlessly deliver ultra-personalized graphics via text messages, creating an unforgettable connection with your attendees.

With Stakd, each guest receives a truly unique and engaging invitation, setting the stage for an evening of sophistication, philanthropy, and lasting impact.

Learn more about how to use Stakd at your Black Tie Gala. 

Happy Halloween

Keep your donors captivated and involved beyond fundraising requests. Use Stakd to send fun and engaging personalized Halloween graphics via text messages.

Delight your supporters with creative visuals, fostering a festive spirit and strengthening your donor relationships. 

Leverage Stakd on Holidays.

Season Ticket Holders

For athletic organizations, both college and professional, Stakd offers a game-changing way to engage season-ticket holders and premium seat purchasers. Send personalized, immersive graphics via text messages to create unforgettable pre-game excitement and post-game camaraderie.

Keep your fans involved and enthralled, fostering lasting loyalty and an unrivaled sports experience that goes beyond the field.

Read how Beachlife Music Festival Boosted Tickets Sales with Stakd: Here 


Ready to revolutionize your donor outreach? Dive into Stakd and see how our platform can elevate every touchpoint, transforming one-time givers into lifelong supporters.

Text Messaging for a Black-Tie Gala:


  • Personalized Graphic Invitations: Elevate your text invitations with personalized graphics tailored for each recipient. “Hello [Name], you’re cordially invited to our black-tie gala. Check out your custom invite below!” Attach a bespoke graphic invitation designed with the recipient’s name, making them feel exclusively invited.

  • Boost Anticipation: Promote early bird ticket offers, provide silent auction teasers, and share event countdowns.

During the Gala:

  • Real-time Engagement: Send attendees live updates on auction items and current highest bids.

  • Prompt Action: Remind guests to participate in the silent auction, emphasizing the cause they’re supporting.

  • Instant Donations: For those unable to bid, offer a direct donation link, making it easy for guests to contribute right from their seats.


  • Gratitude: Send thank you messages, provide instructions to auction winners on prize collection, and solicit feedback to improve future events.


  • Measure Impact: Utilize trackable URLs, unique promo codes, and integrated analytics to determine the direct effect of the text messages on gala participation and fundraising.

Additional Invitation Ideas:

  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Donor Appreciation Events
  • Workshops and Training
  • Membership Drives

Leverage Halloween As a Fun Touchpoint:

Consider a Halloween text messaging campaign as a simple, yet fun added touchpoint or to promote an upcoming event. 

Pre-Halloween Buildup:

  • Personalized Countdown Graphics: Starting two weeks before Halloween, send personalized countdown graphics. “Only 14 days until Halloween, [Name]! Are you ready for the spookiest night of the year? 🎃 [Link to Personalized Countdown Graphic].”

  • Event Teasers: Share sneak peeks of local Halloween events, such as haunted houses, costume parties, or pumpkin carving contests. “Hey [Name], here’s a glimpse of what’s lurking in our haunted maze this year! Dare to join? [Insert Teaser Graphic].”

Week of Halloween:

  • Event Reminders: As Halloween approaches, remind recipients of campus or organization events. 

  • Safety Tips: Share personalized graphics with safety tips for trick-or-treating or attending events on campus. 

On Halloween:

  • Day of Excitement: Engage the donors on Halloween day. “Happy Halloween, [Name]. From your friends at [alumi-name] Here’s a spooky treat to get you in the mood: [Insert Fun Halloween Graphic].”

  • Instant Updates: If hosting an event, send real-time updates or highlights. 


  • Thank You and Recap: Express gratitude and share a recap. “Thank you for celebrating Halloween with us, [Name]! Check out some of our favorite moments: [Link to Recap].”

  • Feedback: Solicit feedback for future events. “We hope you had a fang-tastic time, [Name]! Share your thoughts and help us make next year even spookier: [Link to Feedback Form].”

Grow & Engage Season Ticket Holders:

Text Messaging Campaign for a Sports Organization:

Pre-Season Buildup:

  • Season Teaser Graphics: Kick off the season buildup with dynamic graphics showcasing highlights from the previous season. “Hey [Name], are you ready for another exhilarating season? Relive last year’s best moments! 🏆 [Link to Personalized Highlight Graphic].”

  • Ticket Promotions: Offer early bird discounts or special packages for season ticket holders. “Exclusive offer for you, [Name]! Secure your season tickets now and get a limited-edition team scarf. [Link to Offer Graphic].”

  • Team Lineup Announcements: Share personalized graphics of new player signings or the season’s lineup. “Meet our new star player, [Player’s Name], [Name]! Ready to cheer them on? [Link to Player Introduction Graphic].”

During the Season:

  • Matchday Countdowns: Build excitement leading up to each game with countdown graphics. “Only 3 days until we face our rivals, [Name]! Let’s fill the stadium with our colors! [Link to Countdown Graphic].”

  • Seat Upgrade Opportunities: Offer premium seat upgrades for select games. “Special offer for [Name]! Experience the next match from our VIP section. Limited spots available! [Link to Upgrade Graphic].”

  • Real-time Updates: Engage fans during the game with score updates, player stats, or key moments. “Goal by [Player’s Name]! We’re leading 2-1, [Name]! Keep the cheers coming! [Link to Score Graphic].”


  • Match Recap: Share the game’s highlights and pivotal moments. “What a game, [Name]! Relive the best moments from tonight: [Link to Recap Graphic].”

  • Fan Spotlights: Celebrate passionate fans by showcasing them. “Fan of the match goes to [Name]! Thanks for your incredible support. [Link to Fan Spotlight Graphic].”

End of Season:

  • Thank You Graphics: Appreciate fans for their unwavering support throughout the season. “Thanks for being with us every step of the way, [Name]. Here’s to more victories ahead! [Link to Thank You Graphic].”

  • Feedback: Solicit input for next season’s improvements. “Help us make next season even better, [Name]. Share your thoughts: [Link to Feedback Form].”